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CEO-DJ/Audio Engineer/Production Manager
of RBL Jr. Live Events/Audio Engineer/Production Manager​

"Creating Great Events"

DJ Services starting in 2013,that would beat the competition by offering services that wow people. I also saw a need for business photography and video and any business or personal party,event,pictures and more to be done by a team with excellence and greatness to give you the right product,business or event you love and remember forever and is unforgettable.

We added Photograhy and Video in 2016!!!

Now we have drones and all!!!

We have  photo studio in Melbourne,FL as well now.

We are capable of live video streaming for 2 hours max now. 


So this is why I started my company-RBL Jr. Live Events. As a local guy from Central Florida I saw the need for a higher quality Audio and DJ service,now there are lots of other DJ's and Photographers,Videographers  but I wanted to put together a  team that is very diverse and highly skilled team that would complement my vision and goals to service customers from North Florida all the way to South Florida-Tampa and Sarasota,maybe St Petersburg. 


My Company is Based out of Orlando but I am looking to expand to  Jacksonville,FL and South Florida in the future, as well as serving Ormond Beach all the way to Lakeland,Tampa,Titusville and Sanord,Casselberry, Orlando and more for now. We now have crews in Jacksonville, Fl and Palm Coast Fl and  Daytona Beach,FL and Ormond Beach and Port St Lucie,FL and Cape Coral,FL and Atlanta,Georgia and Fort Myers and Tampa,FL and Sarasota,FL and Ft  Lauderdale,FL and West Palm Beach ,FL and more. Also Atlanta,GA and other cities in Georgia now as well.

Our Mission and Purpose of RBL Jr. Live Events

We strive to give customers affordable and competitive pricing that fits the market and fits the customers needs and dream, we focus on bringing the customers dream to reality. We  work with the customers budget to some degree. We don't always high price things and we have very,very low overhead at the moment which enables us to give the customer great prices but also solve the problem of giving them affordable,professional and reliable services and free bonus gifts for going with us sometimes instead of the competition. We aim to please the customer first. We are customer focused and we love our customers. We pride ourselves in doing a great job at our events. We make everything personal with the customer prior to their project or event. We meet with the customer to give them everything they need and more. We go to the stars and beyond for the customer. 
The customer may be right 80% or most of the time. 
We are customer pleasers and we focus on creating great memories and great events and services and happiness with the customer. We are RBL Jr. Live Events. We do a good job as a Black owned and veteran owned company.

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