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RBL Jr Records- mixes, masters and does graphics,photo and music videos and more!!!!!
Small Home Studio with Pro Quality and skills and we can come to you as well,mobile wise but keep in mind you
won't have the good acoustics we have in our studio. 
We will upload our soundcloud links soon but to hear our work come check our studio, we record small instruments, we have a producer for beats and we sell beats and we record as well. We can get you copyrighted and more too.  It will cost more if we come to your place. 

Regular recording in our studio if you bring the beat-$25 an hour includes setup before recording and take down free in studio. Please know your lyrics and rhythm already. If you don't and you are making the song from very scratch then two sessions-second.
We make beats too. 
With our producer and recording engineer-$45 an hour or more for one song or two,depends on how fast we get done. Some mixing and mastering of the beat-$45 an hour. 

Mixing and mastering if you bring the track-$25 an hour.
Mixing and mastering for beat made by us-$45 an hour. This includes myself the owner and producer working on it to give you a higher quality sound. We basically sell a 12 hour block if not much work needs to be done-$540.00 ,$25 an hour for mixing and mastering and and additional-$140 to get your song copyrighted too. For long mixing and mastering sessions-$900+copyright if necessary-$140-$1040+the cost of production and recording etc. Yes we do give free hours we spend more than these hours to make your song, so we give some free hours that we don't charge in editing, or mixing or mastering.  About  $130 to $250 for beats.

Soundcloud link to music we have recorded-


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