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Rental Services

AV Rental

  • 10 Std.
  • 180 US dollars
  • Beim Kunden


Rent up lights-20 uplights-$180 per session, per item or more not all together for everything. Like speakers, video equipment or more. You can't rent lighting,audio,video all for $180 no. But per items per day. This could be more for some items. Renting all or multiple equipment comes up to more than hundreds, but some thousands possibly. Rent Audio System only-$180 Rent Photography backdrop,lights,sandbags and clips-$150 Rent Boom microphone and recorder,headphones-$150 Rent lavaliers-$60 each Price varies per item and per days-these are for 2 day rentals minimums.



East Orlando zipcode 32826 RBL Jr Live Events, La Crosse Avenue, Orlando, FL, USA

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